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How a Prenatal Test Helps Your Prepare for Your Baby


Pregnancy can be nerve-wracking, especially for first-time parents. To help ease worries during pregnancy, they can undergo prenatal tests. Prenatal testing helps parents be informed about their baby’s health and condition inside the womb. These tests also help detect possible health defects or problems in the baby.

As a trusted clinical laboratory in Florida, we explain to our clients the different types of prenatal screening and what results to expect. Here are the different types of prenatal screening or testing:

  • First Trimester

    During the first trimester, our phlebotomist will do a blood test, and a laboratory technician will conduct an ultrasound. Down syndrome can be detected at this stage of pregnancy.

  • Second Trimester

    At this point, another blood test (quad screen) is conducted. The results can show if the baby has chromosomal conditions like Down syndrome.

  • Cell-free DNA Testing

    This test can provide information about the baby’s sex and blood type. Our medical laboratory can help you get the blood tests and prenatal testing you need.

For pregnant parents looking for a reliable express laboratory in Holiday, Florida, visit us at Quality Clinical Lab DBA Express Laboratory Services LLC. We offer quality laboratory services that will take care of the mom and the baby.

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