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Why an Allergy Test Is Important


Allergic reactions and symptoms differ from one person to another. For some, the symptoms are manageable and can go away with medication. They are usually just advised to limit or avoid their triggers to come to terms with their health condition. But for others, allergic reactions can be life-threatening. This is why an accurate diagnosis of a person’s allergies is crucial.

Your doctor will advise you to get an allergy test if you experience a severe allergic reaction but cannot pinpoint what triggered it. Quick lab results of an allergy test can help doctors come up with a diagnosis and develop an allergy treatment plan. Here are the tests that you might undergo to find out your allergies:

  • Skin prick or patch test

    During this test, a tiny amount of an allergen is put on the skin to see a reaction. This test does not take long and can be done at an express laboratory in Holiday, Florida.

  • Blood test

    A medical laboratory can also do a blood test to see if there are allergens in your blood that might be causing the allergy symptoms.

  • Special diet

    For food allergies, a healthcare professional might advise you to avoid certain kinds of food that are suspected to be causing your symptoms.

Our clinical laboratory in Florida can help you get fast and reliable allergy test results. Feel free to contact or visit Quality Clinical Lab DBA Express Laboratory Services LLC for trusted laboratory testing services.

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