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The Impact of Proper Blood Tests


Blood tests are some of the most vital procedures in the history of healthcare. While a range of tests and procedures exist when treating illnesses, blood work is almost always part of every recovery process. 

As a clinical laboratory in Florida, we are more than familiar with the impact blood tests have made on the overall healthcare system. How do these tests improve the way we provide care to patients? 

  • Disease Detection 
    Blood tests are some of the best ways to detect certain illnesses. Blood work from your preferred medical laboratory can detect diseases like AIDS and diabetes

    The quality of your blood can also tell when something is wrong with your internal organs. Conditions like heart and liver diseases can be detected using certain blood tests. 
  • Better Diagnosis 
    Studying your blood has also changed the way we diagnose illnesses. Because the blood has properties telling of your specific state of health, they are commonly used to make a more accurate diagnosis. You can have a better chance of healing from an illness when you start with a clear and correct picture of your health problems. 
  • Drug Tests
    Blood tests are also used for drug screening. Your blood can be quite telling of the substance circulating your body’s systems. These tests can be used by people who are wary of drug interactions or for company drug testing

Our services here at Quality Clinical Lab DBA Express Laboratory Services LLC can help you make the most out of these blood tests. Our express laboratory in Holiday, Florida, offers blood work, allergy tests, and other laboratory services for your every need. Call us today to learn more about our services!

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