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The Importance of Routine Urinalysis


Knowing the overall state of our health is vital if we want to live happy and healthy lives. Health providers also need to perform these tests and evaluations to get a more accurate diagnosis.

Our clinical laboratory in Florida is more than familiar with all the tests needed for proper diagnosis. Routine urinalysis is one of the most common of all these tests. What makes this process so important?

While urine is technically body waste, it is important for diagnostic sciences. We can observe and measure this substance to detect a range of illnesses. Urinalysis is also non-invasive, making it convenient for the medical laboratory and its patients.

  • Infections

    Urinalysis can help detect urinary tract infections (UTIs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some of these infections may not show symptoms right away. Routine urinalysis can help detect these illnesses even when you do not expect them.

  • Organ Health

    Proper urinalysis will also detect problems with your organs, particularly the kidney and liver. For instance, this test helps you determine if you have kidney stones. It can also help identify kidney diseases you may have.

  • Diagnosis

    Urinalysis is also a staple when performing diagnostic tests. It is often done when you feel lower back pain, discomfort when urinating, or have blood in your urine. It can even help detect diabetes.

Here at Quality Clinical Lab DBA Express Laboratory Services LLC, we have the resources to perform routine urinalysis and other tests. Our express laboratory in Holiday, Florida, can provide you with all your laboratory needs. Reach out to us for your inquiries!

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