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What to Expect During Pediatric Blood Draws


A parent’s support is vital every time a child undergoes blood draws. The experience can be quite scary for a child even under the care of a licensed and seasoned phlebotomist. So, having someone close to them can provide a sense of comfort and security during the procedure.

Knowing what goes on during a blood draw can help you calm your child’s nerves. Making hospital visits a positive experience for them early on can help them avoid fears, such as needles or blood. A positive healthcare experience at the hospital or medical laboratory can instill good memories.

A blood draw (also known as a blood test) is a method of collecting blood for lab testing to determine your child’s health. Each blood draw takes between 5 and 10 minutes. Your child can continue his or her normal food and activities after the procedure, but he or she may suffer some soreness at the location where the blood was extracted for a day or so.

Before visiting our clinical laboratory in Florida, keep your child informed and calm. We ask that a guardian accompany the child during the test. Depending on the behest of the medical professional, your child may either undergo finger stick or venipuncture blood draws.

Before harvesting the blood, the technician or nurse will sanitize your child’s finger or skin with an antiseptic swab. After the blood is drawn, a band-aid will be placed, which can be taken off the next day to prevent infection.

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