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What Are the Most Common Clinical Lab Tests?


Laboratory tests are critical for the accurate diagnosis of diseases, monitoring health conditions, and identifying potential drug or operation side effects. Clinical lab consultants may prescribe further tests for proper diagnosis based on your symptoms and medical history. Some of the most common standard clinical lab tests are as follows:

  • Complete Blood Count Test (CBC)

A complete blood count (CBC) offers vital information about the health of your blood, including red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets — it is recommended by clinical lab experts to diagnose anemia, infection, leukemia, and other illnesses affecting the structure of your blood cells.

  • Metabolic Panel Test (MP)

An MP examines the byproducts of liver and renal function. This test identifies diseases that impair blood flow in the kidneys. Clinical lab consultants of your trusted medical laboratory will need this information to determine if you have liver or kidney disease or are at risk of developing these disorders.

  • Complete Metabolic Panel Test (CMP)

This test determines how efficiently your body breaks down carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins in your diet for energy. The CMP test also examines glycogen breakdown, a form of carbohydrate. Glycogen synthesis is utilized to prevent hypoglycemia attacks when blood glucose levels are low.

Clinical laboratory tests reveal diseases that endanger a person’s health. Quality Clinical Lab DBA Express Laboratory Services LLC, for example, must perform these tests precisely to avoid false positives or false negatives when detecting or ruling out illnesses or ailments.

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